Halloween Pumpkin string bikini

Tasty Seal Surf Shop - Halloween pumpkin string bikin with prim ties

The Tasty Seal Swimwear and Surf Shop proudly presents a tattoo friendly Halloween pumpkin string bikini complete with prim flexi strings! All of our bikini pieces come with underpants, pants, undershirt, shirt, and jacket layers so you don’t have to give up your tattoos just to get some sun!

Since this was made for Halloween and some of you may want to wear this as it looks on the picture for a Halloween costume, I decided to do a style card for this release.  I hope you love it as much as I do!

Bikini: Halloween Pumpkin string bikini  by Tasty Seal Surf Shop
Skin: Elizabeth (gothic) ~ Halloween ’08 (with web)  by Tuli
Hair: Steampunk Jill – Malachite  by DV8
Boots: Rivet Kitteh Black/Green  by DV8

You may need to use the SL edit function to place the bikini ties in a more natural position based on your body shape.

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The Tasty Seal Surf Shop – tattoo friendly strapless bikinis

The Tasty Seal Surf Shop is proud to present a tattoo friendly line of strapless bikinis. These bikinis come in 30 different flavors and you can see them all and purchase at either xstreetsl.com or in world at the Tasty Seal Surf Shop @ ThereIsNoRadio Beach.

Tasty Seal Swimwear – stained glass purple strapless bikini

Tasty Seal Swimwear –  islands strapless bikini

Tasty Seal Swimwear – gold strapless bikini

The bikinis are modeled by Diabolique Magic (on the left) and Lex Junkers (that’s me on the right).

Diabolique (left) is wearing:
Skin: Hope (dark tan/br) natural by Tuli
Hair: Paxtyn – Cinnamon Warm by Damselfly
Eyes: bright blue eyes smaller by Tuli

Lex (right) is wearing:
Skin: Leona 01b Tan Skin (natural) by Redgrave
Hair: Swept Away Red Cinnamon Midnight Tips by !TM
Eyes: “Foresight” Turqoise by GRACILE