Tasty Seal was in a Fasnia Mall Fashion Show

There’s been so much going on this month and no updates from me.  Its cuz I’m not just a surfer, apparently I’m also a space cadet.   I got invited to my first fashion show ever as a designer!  It was last Saturday (July 25th) and not only did I forget to post it here ahead of time, I was LATE to the show!!!  Somehow I got it into my head that the show started at 1:30PM SLT and it was 1PM SLT.  So I showed up 30 mins late and missed it.  I know…I  know… I suck.  Sorry again Sasha.  She even reserved a chair for me at the end of the runway.  I feel so terrible about that still.  I shall be on time for the next one!

The show was at the Fasnia Mall and was really neat.  I’ve never seen anything like that before.  There were lots of pretty people wearing lots of pretty things.  They wore some of my stuff too!  The show featured my new line of rash guards for women, one of my strapless bikinis and  my stars and stripes string bikini.  I’m still working on boxing up the rash gurds and getting the pics done for the sale boxes.  Look for them soon.  Oooh, maybe in another blog post.  (I’ve really got to do better with the blogging.)